Advantages of installing Block Walls

Block walls—also known as  block fence—is a specialized type of masonry that’s intended to serve as retaining walls or fences. Block walls can be erected using different types of materials. Although the CMUs or the concrete masonry units are the most popular prevalent materials used among the homeowners of today. You’re probably thinking about why you should install block walls on your property. If that’s the case, then let’s find out the several perks of doing so: 

Fire, water, and pest resistance  

CMU fencing is created out of aggregate and stone materials. Because of this composition, this type of fence is naturally resistant to moisture, fire, and pest damage. While the neighbors are suffering from fire codes, mold development, and termite infestations, homeowners who choose to block fencing can simply relax and sit back.  

Diverse applications 

Block fences are sufficiently versatile that they can meet various needs. These walls are sturdy enough to be utilized as retaining walls that are intended to hold back the soil. It’s also beautiful enough to make a visually pleasing privacy fence that can kelp keep the intruders at bay. Concrete that’s well-designed will also minimize sound transmission, making a calm outdoor sanctuary even on the occupied streets in the city.  

Easy to repair and maintain 

Fortunately, maintaining a concrete block wall to keep it in its tip-top shape will only require minimal effort since you can clean them using methods as straightforward similar to applying water and mild dish soap to eliminate debris and dirt to pressure washing to help remove the serious stains. If ever some of the mortar or blocks start to show indicators of wear, you can always have them replaced, filled, or sealed by a masonry contractor for a cheaper price.  

Great durability 

Even a well-constructed metal fence or a well-constructed wood vinyl cannot compare with a CMU wall in terms of weather-resistance and durability. Similar to all materials for retaining walls and fencing, block walls will require periodic repairs and typically minimal maintenance from time to time. Every homeowner can have masonry fences that last a lifetime as long as they take care of them.   

Wide-range of options 

Normal concrete is way different than CMUs because the latter do not look boring and drab. Apart from that CMUs can be produced to reflect the unique preferences of the homeowners when it comes to texture, facing design, size, and color. Moreover, there are several ways you can install a decorative block fence. The combination of such factors makes it easier for contractors to create and design walls that can perfectly complement any landscape.  

Increased curb appeal 

One of the best ways to increase your curb appeal is by having a retaining wall to terrace the landscape or constructing a masonry wall surrounding the edge of a property. If property owners choose a skilled block wall builder, they can anticipate that their newly installed retaining walls or fences appear amazing and polished. For more information, go ahead and contact your trusted concrete contractor today.  

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